How to see the blog displayed on iPad with iPad Peek

To check how a website or blog you receive from those who use the iPad to connect to Internet you can use a useful online tool which reproduces in a browser page the way in which your tablet computer Apple can display a specific Web page. just connect to iPad Peek online tool that meets the curiosity of those who still did not use the Apple portable multimedia computer and that anybody who runs a blog or a website to verify and possibly change the size and layout settings to ensure even to those who use the Internet in mobility with iPad the best viewing experience possible. home page this service online folk-tales in fact playing iPad complete keyboard and in the address bar, you can type the URL of the blog or Web site that you want to see or use the search box on Google and instantly your Web page will be displayed as if you were using an iPad. to try just the iPad Peek

This is a machine translation of Come vedere il blog visualizzato sull’iPad con iPad Peek